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       Housing For Communities Inc was founded with the primary goal of addressing the needs and gaps within communities spanning a nine-state region, including Arkansas, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas and Louisiana. This geographical area aligns with HUD Regions 6 & 7, highlighting the organization's commitment to assisting these states.

     The organization offers a comprehensive array of services aimed at bolstering community development and improving housing conditions. They extend their expertise to towns and municipalities, providing invaluable assistance in crafting effective housing plans tailored to the unique requirements of each locality. Additionally, Housing for Communities Inc offers technical support, enabling communities to navigate complex housing challenges with ease. Another significant aspect of Our Mission involves the development of housing solutions for both seniors and families. By addressing the specific needs of these groups, the organization strives to create inclusive and sustainable living environments for all.

     As part of our commitment to knowledge sharing, Housing for Communities Inc facilitates training programs centered on federal funding sources. Through these programs, individuals and organizations can acquire a deeper understanding of funding opportunities and strategies, empowering them to secure necessary resources for their housing initiatives. Overall, Housing for Communities Inc plays a vital role in fostering stronger, more resilient communities by providing comprehensive support, training, and housing solutions that cater to the diverse needs of the ten-state region encompassing HUD Regions 6 & 7.

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